5 Fabulous Ideas for Stairway Lighting

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June 16, 2015
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August 1, 2015

For many people stairway isn’t just a way to reach the next floor in the house. It is also a place with many decorative possibilities and even many sweet memories of both childhood and adult life. Stairs are also a relatively dangerous area in the house, especially in the dark and careful lighting will help prevent any accidentsalong with giving them a much needed cosmetic uplift. There are innumerable ways to light your stairway. Depending on your interiors and how the stairway is designed, you can choose very liberally the kind of lighting that suits your tastes and needs. Listed down below are various ways in which you can light your stairway.

Riser Light Fixtures

Risers are the vertical supports under edge of every step or tread on the stairway. Placing lights there of the color of your choice or a color that will go well with your interiors, will light each and every step and gives a perfectly clear differentiation of one step from the other. You can either use a single light on the risers or use two or more for an interesting look.

Wall Light Fixtures

Another easy way of lighting your stairway is to use wall light fixtures. At regular intervals fix the lights on the walls along the stair way. If you are placing the lights at the head level, you will need to light up a much larger area and have to choose wall light fixtures to cover well. Or, you can also use smaller lights at the foot level along the stairway above every step.

Cascading Chandelier

If you have a spiral staircase or a stairway that tends to align towards the central axis, then cascading chandeliers are a perfectly elegant solution. The sparkling beauty of chandeliers can lift up the spirits of any kind of interior, be it classic or contemporary. Hang a chandelier on the ceiling at the top of the stairway and the sparkling lights cascade towards the bottom of the stairs. Alternatively you can also try using a spiral chandelier which will complement any spiral stairway perfectly.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting isn’t just for dining areas or contemporary living rooms. They bring luxury, charm and much needed light to your stairway. If you don’t feel chandelier is your type of lighting, you should try pendent lighting. Let the shaded bulbs hang down along the staircase and lighten up your way.

Handrail Lighting

Another excellent way to light your stairs is to turn your handrail into a long light holder. Create a cavity under the handrail, especially the one along the wall, and fix your lighting inside. The wall will reflect the light onto the stairs to illuminate them while the handrail keeps the light off your eyes increasing visibility of the stairs at night as well as giving your stairs a contemporary touch.

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