5 Interior Design Tips to Improve the Look of your Home Cheaply

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Home improvement projects tend to be challenging when you have a tight budget. This is usually the case because most good things are costly. It is however important to note that this isn’t always the case in regards to interior design. Fortunately, there are a number of interior design tips you can use to get a high-end looking home even when you are on a budget. These are the tips we will be interested in here. If you’re keen on discovering how to have an elegant looking home without spending a fortune, look no further. Below are 5 interior design tips you should consider.

Paint Your Home

Colour is undoubtedly a very important part of any home’s interior design element. Luckily, it doesn’t cost much to paint the interior of your home. Also, applying a fresh coat of paint improves the look of your home significantly especially when you use soft understated hues or bold and dramatic colours. Hues and bold/dramatic colours add an instant touch of elegance to your home improving the look significantly. Fresh paint also makes your home look cleaner.

Add Pillows

Pillows can also improve the interior look of your home cheaply provide they are chosen correctly. First and foremost, pillows aren’t expensive. Secondly, they make a room look and feel more elegant and comfortable which has a positive effect on the overall look of interior spaces in a home especially the living room. You should also choose larger pillows over small ones because they offer a better and more elegant look on a budget.

Install Window Treatments

Homes which don’t have window treatments look cheap and unfinished. Fortunately, window treatments offer you an opportunity to make your home’s interior more elegant without having to spend a lot of money. To get the best outcome with window treatments when you’re on a tight budget, choose lined draperies that appear elegant even though they are inexpensive.

You should also stick to window treatments featuring elegant materials like linen, cotton and natural silk. Man-made fabrics look cheap. Alternatively, you can settle for wood blinds or woven bamboo shades if you don’t like draperies. The most important thing to do is to ensure you dress your windows otherwise your home’s interior look will look compromised.


Add unique hardware finishes

Contrary to popular belief, most hardware finishes aren’t expensive if you shop at the right places and choose carefully. It is possible to get elegant looking but cheap hardware finishes in flea markets, small hardware stores and antique shops. Such hardware finishes are bound to improve the look of your home cheaply.

Change/Play With The Lighting

This is another important interior design tip to consider when you want to improve the look of your home cheaply. Designer or custom light fixtures are cheap but add more elegance to your home’s interior than the standard chandeliers. Second-hand stores and flea markets are great places to look for unique lights at very cheap prices. You can even design your own lamps using readily available materials i.e. bottles as lamp shades. The trick is making sure you have a number of different light sources as well as unique looking lights.

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Chris Ramensky is an Australian artist, specialising in digital graphics and interior design. He completed his masters at the University of NSW. Currently Chris is the wall mural curator at Home Store Online. Chris hopes to one day have his work featured within the Australian National Gallery.


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