5 Kitchen Layout Mistakes You Should Avoid

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‘Kitchens are made for bringing families together.’ Kitchen which is considered as the heart of the home, witnesses a considerable number of everyday routines like cooking, eating, scrubbing and most importantly socializing. Therefore your kitchen demands to be one of the elegant and clutter free areas of your house. Here are 5 kitchen layout mistakes that you should avoid in order to add smiles to this beating heart:

Insufficient Counter Space

A systematic kitchen space is vital for smooth accessibility of the appliances and to make the promenade a cake walk.

Usually the kitchen counters are seen swelled with space vampire appliances. Most of the appliances are awakened by the power switch once in days or maybe weeks. So, irrespective of your kitchen size, the shelves are a good idea to keep the space clutter free. A sparkling and clear counter appears to be more charming than being stuffed with bunch of gadgets and utensils chit-chatting with each other and gathering dust. This would not only increase the life of your appliances but would also embellish your kitchen with an elegant look.

Kitchen tailback and lengthy runs

Generally the hasty mornings leave the kitchen in a mishmash which gradually back-pedals as the day progresses. There are certain pathways that are sprinted frequently, for example the one towards your refrigerator or sink or the cooking appliance. It is very important for such traffic prone footways to be unobstructed. The other day, I decided to treat my family with the Sailor Berry Lemonade I had recently learned. After spending a good spell of time preparing the fruity cocktail, I poured it into fancy sleek club glasses. The moment I was about to take an exit from the kitchen, I toppled over the trash container and the glasses crashed in front of my eyes. It took me even more time to hunt and wipe every juice patch off from the floor and walls. So, it is advisable to keep the thoroughfares free from trash bins, bulldozed mud mats, shoved containers or compact stools.

Inadequate Airing

If your guests are able to smell what you cooked in the breakfast, that is a sign of poor ventilation. A cheap kitchen chimney circulates impure air and the same air gets circulated to the nearby area or rooms. Therefore a superior ventilation system will not only drive the pollutants away but will also make your kitchen a dirt-free place. This would also add to the life expectancy of your dear gadgets.

Bad Lighting

Kitchen is one place where an adequate amount of illumination is a requisite. Poor or excess lighting might affect your kitchen experience or it may add to unnecessary swelling of your electricity bills. Depending on your kitchen size and the color of the walls, access the number of supply points and the placement of fixtures. It would be wise to opt for direct lighting above the primary areas. An under-cupboard fluorescent lighting would be ideal to illumine the counters with appropriate light.

Go for Professionals

We generally opt to design the kitchen by ourselves which is a common mistake we make to cut down the expense. The professional kitchen designers are equipped with the skilled training and experience to transform your kitchen according to the space and your needs. The designers are well versed with the innovative and latest designs. They can fabricate the gap between your needs, taste and budget, which rather abstains you from overspending.


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