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April 17, 2015
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Space has both physical and psychological impact on our lives. Large spaces give us a sense of freedom and small spaces make us feel cramped and trapped. Not everyone is lucky enough to have as much space as they would like. Though it’s not possible to increase the space of your home, it is possible to give an illusion of larger space. All it takes is a little bit of strategic thinking and changing a few things. We’ve listed down a few ideas for you that might helpwhile redecorating and bring in new dimension and character to the room.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Having mirrors placed smartly around the room can give an illusion of space. Placing a huge mirror on the wall opposite to the walls with windows will give a feeling that the room extends beyond that wall. Mirrors also reflect light and surroundings giving a much deeper sense of space.In fact, the French use what are called Trumeau mirrors, a usually decorated mirror, to increase the ambient light in the room. You can also try placing one behind an end table or the couch and it would look as if there is more room beyond them.

Keep Your Furniture Legs Uncovered

Being able to see the space, wherever possible, can also improve the overall roominess in the surroundings. Instead of getting boxed or heavy furniture that covers the floor choose the ones with bare or slender legs so that you could see the space below the chairs or tables. Or you can also simply remove the skirt of your couch and lay a nice carpet below the front legs so that it won’t look too bare.

Keep Them Less

Overly accessorizing a room can also make it look cramped and filled. If you want to use vases use a one or two big ones instead of arranging small ones. Try to imagine yourself as a minimalist and sort out what gives the room a character and what makes it look cluttered. And from these better options again try choosing the ones that give the room the required accents to make it look both pretty and spacious.

Paintings and Photographs

Pictures have the power to make us see and believe in things that might not exist. They also have the power to transform your cramped home into something with more air and space. The frames give the room an extra dimension, as if you can go through them into another world. Hanging a medium size abstract painting can bring much needed depth and accents to the room.

Multipurpose is the Way to Go

When buying furniture check if they have any extra features that might come in handy for you. A bed that can be folded into something else or perhaps, a table with extra secret room for more storage can double up in their usability for you while occupying less amount of space. Try to find extra shelf space even if small so that you can put things away without creating any clutter. Furniture that doubles up as storage or any other multipurpose piece is always a plus when living in small spaces.

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