7 Fabulous Ideas for Your Bedroom Theme

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Figuring out how to design your bedroom is like figuring out how best to compose a painting or a piece of music because a bedroom is a sanctuary which you come to after a hard day’s work to rest and rejuvenate. A visually pleasing bedroom brings peace to the mind and adds a touch of magic to all the fun and frolic that can happen in there. So here are a few ideas to help you with choosing the right theme for your bedroom.

Harmonious Neutrals

Neutrals are the most soothing of all color schemes. Even in their simplicity neutrals speak volumes and bring harmony to the mind. The lack of ornate flamboyance and clutter of different hues makes neutral colors ideal for those who wish not to be overwhelmed and want to feel easily unburdened.

Effervescent Bohemian

If you are one with a lively free spirit and love multitude of colors, textures, designs and nature then the bohemian look for your bedroom is perfect for you. Bohemian is in a very colorful way chic too and has a closeness to nature and all things free that is not seen in other styles.


Dark and Relaxing

Make yourself a dark and restful retreat by choosing dark rich blues, greens, browns or grays for the walls, furnishings and similar colored bed set with perhaps some interesting patterns for your bedroom. A dark décor doesn’t just a mysterious aesthetic appeal, but it can relieve stress on your eyes and makes it easier to fall asleep.


Nautical Look

There is something very refreshing and relaxing about the crisp navy blue stripes against white or the tan color of jute rope. They remind us of the sea, the sand, the sky and the horizon and the immense unending vastness associated with them. Try the nautical theme for your bedroom and sail away into the dreamland.


Shabby Chic

Shabby chic is for those who need sheer sensory pampering and love burying their face in a soft fluffy lacy goodness with pleasure. Unlike other styles, shabby chic doesn’t need much planning or high budget. You could check out the local stores or try some DIY projects to transform what you already have to suit the theme. Gather all the things you love, as long as they are white, pastel or light colored, lacy, sheer, beady, sparkly or flowery, and arrange them where they belong.


Woody and Earthly Browns

Sometimes, all you need is to belong to nature and the earth. Earthly browns and wooden or wooden colored décor with little potted plants to add green accents and warm lighting are a wonderful combination and are very soothing to the eye.


Color Punches

If you are a fan of clean white or neutral look, yet there is a part of you that craves strong statement colors, then you must try introducing a few items of your favorite colors in your décor. May be a vase or two of viridian green, throw pillows strong pinks, bright yellows or coral reds, a turquoise patterned duvet cover, the ideas you can come up with are endless. But, don’t overdo it or you will spoil the effect.



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