7 Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Romantic

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July 26, 2017
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No room in your house should spell romance like your bedroom, but unfortunately, we sometimes tend to neglect the atmosphere and turn this oasis of romance into a storage or work space. If you’ve also neglected the ambience of your bedroom and now want to recreate the romantic and cosy feel of your slumber retreat, here are some ways to achieve that.


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If your nightstands or vanities are overflowing with stacks of coupons, newspapers and random trinkets, it’s time to declutter. There’s nothing romantic about electricity bills and dirty laundry next to the bed. If you want your bedroom to ooze romance, this clutter has to go away. Place all of your larger items in boxes and store them in the closet or under the bed, and you can put papers, bills and other smaller items in lidded baskets. Get ones that are not only practical but also pleasing to the eye.

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Even though everyone loves art, when it comes to bedroom décor, leave out the abstract and loud pieces. You want to put up tasteful décor that will accentuate the colour of your room but will not take away the attention from your partner. You can also frame and display photos from your wedding day and honeymoon. These special moments will remind you of just how strong and eternal your love is.

Romance and your sense of smell

People are very sensitive, especially when it comes to smells. You can use scented candles, pillow mist, air-fresheners or even your perfume on the pillows and sheets. All of these pleasant smells will trigger desire, but don’t go overboard. Overly strong smells can cause nausea or headaches, and that’s not something you want to experience on your romantic night.

Enhance your sense of touch with some soft materials

Since your bed will be the star of the show in every romantic moment in your bedroom, make it super soft to the touch. Forget about cheap cotton and treat yourself and your partner to some silk or satin that will instantly add a touch of romance to your space. Also, old lumpy mattresses are everything but sexy and romantic. Invest in a new mattress, so you and your partner can spend your nights comfortably nested in each other’s arms.

A mysterious canopy

There are not many things that are more romantic than a canopy over a bed. It gives the bed that special cocoon feeling and the additional sense of privacy. There are canopies that engulf the entire bed and those that only spread out over the top, but which ever option you choose, it will surely add an extra sense of romance to your bedroom.

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Romantic lighting makes all the difference

Overhead lighting can be both too bright and unflattering, so make sure it’s switched off. You can either use soft glow bedside lamps such as those from Rococo Decor or get some romantic candles to set the mood. Soft lamp glow or a warm candle flame is much more romantic than any other lighting choice, especially from those tacky red bulbs. Red light actually causes anger and aggression rather than romance and love.

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Play some sensual music

Nowadays, it’s easy to find a way to introduce some music into your bedroom, especially with all the iPods, Bluetooth speakers and surround stereos available at an affordable price. Put on your favourite tunes that will both relax you and create a romantic, loving mood.

You might think you can only have sensual nights in a hotel on your romantic trip. Even though nights at 5-star hotels are indeed super romantic, they can be quite costly. If you just follow some of these tips, you can spend a romantic night with your partner in the comfort and intimacy of your own bedroom.

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