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March 1, 2018
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March 14, 2018
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Everyone wants a change and Why not! Life is all about trying new things! So, when it comes to changing the look of your home, you go for new colors and new furniture and new curtains and a new what not! One of the universal decorating element and a trending way of giving a new look to your house’s interior decor is using the decoration patterns and prints in form of Geometric shapes and forms. These patterns add eye-catching strength to the room and are one of the most amazing modern interior decor trends. Being both versatile and attractive, these trends are best for both office as well as a living space. The basic benefit of having geometrical shapes all inside the home is that it helps to create a bright and modern interior as well as balances the room and adds an interesting refreshing touch and feel to the room. These shapes are a great tool for an interior designer as well since they get a lot of room to experiment and create something beautiful.


When referred to the ancient Greek philosophy, geometry was believed to be sacred hence used in building the monuments and the environment. Today, these shapes and patterns and prints when work together creates a really bold accent that harmonizes and brings more meaning to the modern interior designing. Starting from the much obvious furniture, let’s have a look at how we can inculcate these patterns into our design. Shelves, chairs, tables, sofas, sideboards or any other furniture, when bought in a defining geometrical shape, gives a really cool base for a stylish and elegant living space.  Another brilliant way to incorporate geometric patterns in your home decor is to go for the fabric part of the designing. All the fabric curtains and sofa covers and rugs when having the geometric patterns on them take the look of the house to an entirely next level. And if you still do not get enough of the whole geometry love, you can start with painting your walls and the little house decors in geometrical motifs. There is so much to explore in these areas that you would never get drought of ideas to change your home with a base of geometrical pattern. You can go for geometric lamps, art pieces, wallpapers (if painting the walls is not a good idea for you), chandeliers and even floor decor too!! Those curvy, zigzag, straight and geometric shapes are suitable for all interior styles and room functions. But, the important thing is to be careful about putting these beauties in our home because there is always a fear of too many shapes and then it will destroy the look completely. So choose wisely to get a wonderful combination of color and pattern for your place.


Decoration with geometric shapes in a home never goes unnoticed and gives a beautiful effect and personality to the place. So, what are you waiting for? Get inspired with all these ideas and get going! Pop up your home and Bring in the change!


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