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March 15, 2015
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Over the years there have been many developments in the making of floors and ceilings increasing the spectrum of choices available in the market. There are the new sustainable flooring options that help decrease the depletion of forests and at the same time providing elegant and equally functional floors. There is also a new trend of using reclaimed wood for flooring and an increased appreciation of its variegated rustic look.
The ceilings also have seen immense changes and technological advancements such as being able to improve the acoustics and the sense of space in the room while being visually appealing as well. Other advances including smart ceilings that are fire resistant and are able to accommodate future modifications in their layout have taken ceiling designs to a new level.


Available Flooring Options in the Market

There are many new options now available in India. Though ceramic and vitrified tiles are the most commonly used residential flooring material old fashioned flooring options such natural stone including granite, marble, limestone, slate and limestone are increasingly finding demand due to their aesthetic appeal and durability. A new breed of engineered flooring options called composite tiles with ceramic or granite base and marble surface have also come.

Sustainable flooring options include:bamboo flooring from bamboo harvested every 6 years or so and replanted; reclaimed wood from old furniture, structures or trees rescued from river beds is a valuable commodity as old wood is of high quality having come from trees that had hundreds of years to mature; cork flooring made from the bark of cork oak tree carefully harvested, is soft, absorbs noise quite welland resilient and springy leaving no dents from heavy furniture;linoleum is made from organic matter such as linseed oil, cork dust and wood flour and is hypoallergenic, biodegradable and fire-resistant; others include rubber, laminate floors, vinyl sheets and earthen floor.

Another contemporary flooring technique called raised floors is rapidly finding acceptance. The floor tiles are arranged on a raised framework and all the wiring, including electricity, telephone lines, fire alarms, computer networks andsecurity alarms can be accommodated for under the floor.
Available Ceiling Options in the Market

Suspended ceilings, also known as drop ceilings, are one of the types of ceilings used these days in both commercial and residential buildings. These ceilings are typically made by fitting a metal framework in the form of a grid and placing the tiles in it. The grids can be exposed, concealed which gives aesthetically a much better look or bandraster grid which is of varying lengths and can be used to make custom patterned ceilings.

The tiles are usually made of mineral fibers or fiberglass acoustical board providing the interiors with enhanced acoustic performance and noise absorption which increases the privacy of conversations. They also come in plain colors, decorative patterns and even as translucent tiles which can be used to get a much softer and ambient light with lights fixed above the ceiling. The advantage of suspended ceilings is that electrical and other maintenance and repairs are easy and damaged tiles can be easily replaced.A variation of suspended ceilings called false ceiling isused for more decorative purposes and to improve the general ambience and the sense of space.

There are new kinds of ceilings recently being manufactured by Saint-Gobain Gyproc called Ecophon, with a sound absorbing capability of up to 80 to 100 percent, and Planilaque, a lacquered colored or opaque glass, and by Armstrong called open plenum metal ceilings, metal open cell ceilings, mesh ceilings and curved metal ceilings.

Another type of ceiling is drywall ceiling or calcium silicate board manufactured by Ramco Hilux which uses a compound that is applied on panels that are screwed to the beams of actual ceiling.

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