Art of Hanging Pictures on the Wall (Wall Photo Display)

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February 11, 2015
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Wall photo display have the power to transform an ordinary room into something straight out of a professional interior designer’s portfolio. May be it is a much coveted painting or a simple DIY project of yours, but no matter, hanging a picture on the wall changes the whole atmosphere of the room. Even if all you have are posters and cheap frames, get them out and get to work. If you have already decided upon a perfect wall space behind the couch, above the mantelpiece or along the staircase, then all you have to do is choose a layout and start hanging the pictures. Also look for unconventional spots in the room. Perhaps the space below the steps of your staircase or a corner that might lighten up with a picture?


Choosing Layout

Some kinds of pictures work best when arranged in a pattern. Some work best when hung without much ado as a gallery. Some pictures are too good to be grouped with others and should stand alone as sole pieces on the wall. Don’t get hassled when you have so many or so few pictures with you and so many layout options. A little bit of planning can go a long way and prevent possible ruining of your wall.

The Art of Hanging Pictures on the Walls

Take a sheet of paper with dimensions that is proportionately smaller than your wall’s, preferably the same color as your wall. On another sheet (preferably a different color) with a ruler draw shapes that are of proportionate dimensions of your picture frames. Now cut these shapes and arrange them on the first sheet of paper. You can arrange and move these shapes around until you find a layout that does justice to your pictures. To get a better idea, you can also try cutting the sheets in the same sizes and shapes of your frames and use tape to stick them to your wall. You will be able to easily visualize the effect the layout can have on the wall and the room. If you want to hang just one or two pictures, try hanging them at eyelevel, not too high for anyone to notice and not too low to attract more than necessary attention.


Hanging Your Pictures

Depending on the type of wall, a shallow one or a solid one, you should decide upon the hardware required to hang your pictures, whether it’s simple nails or screws or hooks. Now that you have your layout, find the points where you need to drill and lightly mark them with dots or small crosses with a normal pencil. If your frames are of larger width or heavy, use two points instead to support the frame better and prevent it from hanging lopsided.

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