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Eclectic style is made for those who love to experiment, and are wild and free at heart. This style will let you mix different periods, cultures and styles of furniture, and if you like your space to be very personalized and unique, you will love the final result. But, mixing and matching different styles can be a bit tricky, because you want to avoid that cluttered and chaotic look. So, we made a little guide for you that will help you out with eclectic style decorating. Here are the signposts, take a look.


Colour to tie things together

If you want your décor to look more cohesive and put together, you can achieve that with colour. Let’s say you have a classic, traditional sofa you want to keep, but also want some more modern furniture. What you can do to tie these two different pieces together is choose an armchair in the same colour as your old sofa. You can also limit your colour pallet to some neutral colours such as black and white, and use them as background. Now you have an empty canvas to play with colors and patterns.

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Choose a unifying pattern

You can also use patterns and lines to make the space look cohesive. You can use the same pattern in a different colour or scale and it will still bring the whole room together. Also, you can take the lines and shapes of your favourite furniture piece and repeat them throughout the space


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One of the best tips is to keep an eye on the scale of your furniture and décor. If you want to create an eclectic dining room with different chairs, avoid putting a classic dining room chair next to a director-style chair. The difference in height will make the space seem chaotic. You can put together very different pieces, but the combination will work only if you keep the same scale.


Match the mood

If you want your living room to have a chill atmosphere, try not to introduce any formal furniture and décor with defined lines into the space. Try to match soft lines with soft materials, and don’t even worry about styles and periods. If you commit to a specific vibe of the room, you will have so much more freedom when it comes to matching different furniture and décor. For instance, arrange your furniture casually and pick lower furniture pieces to create that lounge atmosphere perfect for a living room.


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Create visual balance

The human eye can very easily be tricked into thinking your room is well-balanced. If you have two totally different armchairs, placing them on the opposite sides of a coffee table can create a sense of symmetry. Your brain will not be able to register just how different those pieces are. Different style nightstands on each side of the bed can create a visual balance as well, and they will complete the room perfectly. This evenness can also be achieved by giving every item a “friend”. Have at least two pieces of the same style of decor, and the space will look so much better.


Choose a focal point

Don’t try to hide that one piece that doesn’t have a “friend”. Instead, you can draw attention to it by setting it up to be the focal point of the whole space, and build the rest of the room around it. This way, something that wouldn’t normally fit in will take the stage and become the star of the show. You can tie the rest of the room together with a neutral rug, such as a jute rug in a soft natural shade, or try to match some patterns and lines with furniture and pillows.

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Have limits

When decorating, stepping back and taking a good look around is very important. Yes, eclectic style is all about making a statement, but you don’t want to overdo it. Usually, people use too many accessories and decorative pieces and end up with a cluttered look. Try to control the number of details and you will have a clean and well-thought-out space.



Now you know where to start with you decoration, but remember that these tips are not written in stone. Every space is different and you can experiment as much as you want, as long as you have fun!

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