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Curtains are much more than a piece of decorative material that keeps the lights out. Like all the other aspects of interior decor, they are an essential fragment of home decor,  so you must have to know how to choose curtains. Curtains add a depth to the room alongside the elegance and beauty. They play an important part in creating an ambiance of the room, setting the mood and energy of the room since very often a poor choice of curtains can make a huge difference to the ambiance and the energy. Rather than being an inoffensive player in the background, the right selection of curtains can bring out the best of your house by blending in with the other elements of the interior designs. But how do we know which one to pick up? Where to start from? Picking up the right set can be a confusing as well as tedious task. It’s really tough to pick the exact set matching with the other elements of the home decor.


Let’s take a look at tips blow about how to choose curtains to enhance the beauty of your place.


Sheer curtains bring lightness to any place as their sheerness provides a little privacy while still bringing in the light. These can be put up over the primary curtains where the primary ones would be used to block the light and the sheer one above it can be pulled back to allow light along with minimal visibility to the room. Suitable for almost every room, sheer curtains stand out due to its delicateness and light weight properties.


how to choose curtains


These curtains give a very formal look and drape very well down to the full length. The box shapes are next to each other creating a tailored, pleated look. These curtains look very simple yet very attractive. Box pleated curtains are ideal for lounges, dining or study.


Box pleated curtains


Pinch pleated curtains are of four types with a different type of pinch plating. There could be two finger pinch pleats, three finger pinch pleats, and four finger pinch pleats. With the size of pleats, size and fullness increases. These curtains give a decorative finish at the top and give a formal finish.


How to choose curtains

Rod Pocket Curtains are the most common type of curtain that can be found. It has a pocket on the top that slips over the rod and hangs naturally without fussy bunching at the top. They give a slight formal vibe yet keep the whole thing contemporary. Rod pockets can also have ruffles at the top hence giving a more traditional look and feel to the place.


These curtains are ideal for light to medium weight fabrics and include rings at the top through which a rod goes through. They hang easily and freely while being easy to open, close and maintain. They could be ideal for kids’ room and if made in formal fabric, perfect for modern bedrooms and lounge rooms emitting a contemporary feeling.

eyelet curtains


Be precise while taking the measurements for the room curtains deciding on the length and width of the room. Spend your time wisely to know how to choose curtains for your home. Select them based upon the durability, comfort of course your budget. Do proper research and bring the right fit for your home.


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