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Trends always come in and go but timeless pieces remain forever. It’s good to experiment with trends and implement new ideas in one’s home décor, but it is to be remembered that trends keep on changing. What looks the best today will get replaced by something better tomorrow. Therefore, spending in some Timeless pieces can never be considered a bad expenditure.


Classic styles do not go by a particular trend or follow a particular direction. They don’t go by & fade away with changing times. Anything timeless has a magnificent power of staying and so does the timeless designs. They are not temporary and work with colors, designs and patterns that are classic and meant to last.  These kinds of designs exude elegance and comfort at the same time and possess a warm, rich and inviting feeling.


Go for conventional colors:


Classic styles have a strong presence of neutral colors in them as they accentuate a space without overdoing it. Off-whites, beiges, bright whites and grays make a strong presence and create a perfect background for all those exemplary furniture pieces, ottomans and rugs. Complementing these colors, other classic colors like navy blues, dark greens and blacks goes really well together. You can also have a minimalistic use of trendy colors too binding the whole look together but to make sure that the tone of the room is set by the class and not the trend. Another advantage of adding neutral colors is that you can easily swap into trendy accents whenever felt like.


Choosing Textures over Pattern:


Patterns are one of the elements in décor that goes in and out of style in the blink of an eye. Textures instead give the similar feel as prints and are less prone to getting out of style. To say, it’s easier to stick a rich textured paper to your wall than plastering the wall with some trendy wallpaper.


If Patterning, do it right:


The patterns should not be busy rather simple and subtle. Clean lines and shapes help in achieving that easily. Bold patterns like stripes, plaids and checks work well to get the expected look.


Avoid the clutter:


Simplicity keeps the house fresh for years. Now, do not consider simple as boring. There is tons of scope for making a home simple yet amazing! Use durable and natural materials with a higher quality and that pays off in long run. They might be a little expensive than the other ones but they would always look current and never fade away in the light of trends. Also, the major idea should be looking over function that aesthetics. Have a deeper analysis and go for things which are needed as well as fit well with the theme of the house. For example, go for multipurpose furnishings that would be many jobs done rolled into one. As they say in design, less is more for growing gracefully.


When you design your home, you need to think of every nook and corner and consider every component. Choose wisely and avoid flashiness, you will have a home with timeless design looking fresh & classic for years to come.

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