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When you live in a small space, each decor makes a difference. Seeing the world population soaring so high and everything getting so expensive, I believe most of us would not have the privilege of living in houses with grand halls and big bedrooms anymore. So, small houses with confined spaces are the only option left for people. Within that space, only everyone needs to come up with variant ideas to make it a beautiful place to live. The main concept of this article also revolves around few such ideas about creating a facade of making a small room look bigger simply with the help of few tips and tricks. There are different color techniques, lighting ideas and furniture concepts which can make the interiors look more spacious than they actually are.

The First idea that we would talk about here is the smart usage of coloring scheme in your home. It a general concept is known that light colors makes a room look bigger, brighter and better. These color walls are more reflective too and make space look more airy, open and spacious. Dark colors, on the other hand, absorb light hence making the rooms look smaller. All of this is basically about optical illusion. Set the room color to pastels or light ones like off-white to give an illusion of an enlarged room and looks brighter and inviting. Another key thing to remember is to add the wall trims in the different color than the whole wall. This would add to the illusion of a bigger house. The Second focus is on the lighting of the home.


The more you allow natural light to come in, the more your home will breathe and look larger. Put sheer window covers or no covers to let the natural light enter into the home and reduce the difference between outdoor and inner space. Putting plants and flowers near the windows also make you connected to nature more and feel better in a small space. Keep the home tidy and organized as it helps with a spacious room as well. Start De-cluttering. Unwanted things take too much space so it’s important to sort things in a proper way. With all the things properly arranged and kept away, the house breathes openly. Wall with a lot of pictures also gives a constricted look. The furniture placement in a room is also a crucial factor in making a home. Place the furniture touching the walls to open up space. Make sure your furniture have spaces between them. Keep the spaces open in diagonal in order to give a feel of long distance in the room.

Try these out and let us know your experience in the comment section below! J

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