Curtains – Exploring the magic the right set can do!

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Summers are around the corner and so is the scorching heat. If you love spending time outdoors, get ready for the tanning and sunburns. On the hand, if you love staying indoors, there are so many things you can jot down in your list that would keep you away from the sun.

Having an appropriate set of curtains in your home is the first among them! Never, I repeat never make the mistake of “Curtains, It doesn’t matter, choose anything”.

You can only believe its impact once you incorporate it in your home. Having the right set of curtains in your home can do wonders to the look and feel as well as the ambience of the room. One of the most obvious uses of curtains is in lieu of their effectiveness in guarding against elements. Be it light, rains or drafts, they continue to serve the purpose. With the kind of variety available in market today, you can choose from the wide range based on your need. You want to let the light come in or keep it completely guarded; everything is just one step away by selecting the right curtains. Other than this, Curtains also are a great source for adding to the aesthetics and décor to your home. Their design, colors and shapes contribute to the room’s overall look. You can set up an entire theme for your room and since curtains are so versatile, they would gel along the way hassle free.

If thoughtfully utilized, curtains can range from being a show stealer to a complimenting backdrop. It all depends on how you use them. They can be beautifully used as a separator of sections in your room giving individual privacy to each section.

Below are some of the factors that you should take into consideration while choosing the curtains for you:

Material & Color

The material for your curtains holds a very crucial place while choosing them. You need to know your requirement and choose the material accordingly. Like for example, if you want to block too much wind coming in, you are not going to go for a lighter material rather look for heavier fabrics. When you are trying to fight the cold via your curtains, go for materials like velvet & Suede. Moving on to colors, they again need to be properly looked into. If you want to block the heat, go for neutral colors as they would not absorb the light and would not fade in the direct sunlight.

The size & fit

Perfect size always do wonder and there is nothing new when comes to the curtains. Take the measurements very very carefully so that you know what needs to be covered. Adding 4-8 inches on the sides gives an illusion of fuller look whereas 5-6 inches above the frame


Maintainability is again a factor that you should take into consideration while choosing a curtain. If you are buying the sets that only needs dry cleaning and you cannot spend so much time & money regularly to get it done, don’t go for them. Go for those pieces which can be washed in your washing machines & doesn’t need special care.


Aesthetics is something which always makes the first impression so when you choose a curtain, you need to keep in mind how it will look when kept inside your home. It should be finalized based on your room’s color scheme, the designs and the mood.

Keeping in mind all of the above factors would really help you keying the right one! Go ahead then, start your search today

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