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Feng-Shui – Bringing Good Luck to Your Home
June 26, 2018
January 24, 2019

It’s a new year again!! A year full of new beginnings, new hopes and lots of new trends to experiment, January 1st always gives an opportunity for a restart. It’s that time of the year where one can leave behind all the bad things and focus on all the new that’s going to come on the way.
To Begin with, Floral Wallpapers and Fabrics are going to be in this year as well. However we would see it in a new light. Contrasting colors and exaggerated proportions are going to be in this season. Stepping away from the technological décor, 2019 would be more about nature and freshness. Warmer neutral shades will continue to be in but richer hues and pallets are going to work their way too. Dramatic reds, bold yellows and statement pinks would add the richness to the muted furnishings and pop up the decors. Similar to floral patterns and decors, geometric patterns is also not a new trend. Yet for this New Year too these patterns are going to be in big time. This is one trend which is going to make a bold statement on its own.
Elements like copper, stone and granite are expected to dominate the space and bring a serene and organic sense to any space. 2019 is expected to be the season where we say goodnight to stainless steel and polished nickel and welcome brass to the home. These elements are warm alternatives to the usual steel. Vintage lightings are expected to be having a huge come back this year. Great lightings always add a beautiful touch to the home and the trend is going be all over.
Another truly timeless trend that is going to be in the list of trends is black and white furnishings. Velvets are no longer going to be considered old fashioned. 2019 is going to bring back this multidimensional fabric and its usage in varied forms by leading designers.
Matte finish is a trend which is going to take over this New Year. Comparing to the high shine finishes given by dramatic effect, matte finish gives an alluring and cleaner look with a futuristic appeal. They boast unexpected hues and silhouettes and bring out the best out of anything.
We would be expecting lot of dramatic trends this year and would keep on bringing the latest updates to you. 

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