Home Decorating? Follow 3 Golden Rules
October 29, 2014
Design Your Interiors the French Way
January 25, 2015

Follow the steps to design your own mood board




1. Choose your base color

Whether it’s flooring or a wall, this will be the largest area of color in your room, so place a generous sample of it onto your board. Including carpet samples will help you think about texture, too.

2.Add an accent tone

A dramatic contrast or an accent just a few tones away from your base color? Use your mood board to play with options and layer it with swatches of fabric, scraps of wallpaper and paint color charts.

3 Find the right accessories

These will really set the tone in your room – go for ones that share an accent color and stick to a single theme. Don’t mix styles, or your finished scheme will look messy rather than effortlessly eclectic.

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