Designing Your Modern Rustic Interiors

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August 1, 2015
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August 14, 2015
Designing Your Modern Rustic Interiors

When in need of something homely, something that feels nostalgic, it is the country style home that comes to one’s mind. Rustic interiors have a charm of their own, a simple beauty that warms the heart and cheers the spirit of anyone who looks at it not to mention those who live in it. Even without all the talk about the modern rustic being perfectly in trend, this rich yet simple wooden style of interiors has won a lasting place in the hearts of many. Rustic interiors have never been just about pretty décor. They are about adding character to the space and bringing in a welcoming cheer to every inch of the house.

What Makes the Interiors Modern Rustic?

What makes a house both modern and rustic is the combination of elements that define both the terms. A house with a very open architecture, with big windows and exposed wooden structures with furniture that is not entirely crude but tastefully either unfinished or unpretentious can be termed rustic. When it is combined with modern amenities and comforts available in every contemporary home the house becomes a perfect embodiment of cozy modern rustic interiors. The informal sophistication and the sheer nostalgic warmth of the home make it ideal for anyone who wishes for something romantic yet practical.

Materials that Suit the Look

Rustic interiors are characterized by the use of age old elements for construction. Stone and wood were predominantly used historically for making buildings and interiors. Part of the rustic charm of such interiors is how close they make one feel to the nature through partly or completely exposing the elements inside and avoiding painting them over wherever possible. If you are worried about the costs going above your budget you can always use reclaimed wood and instead of actual stone use stone overlay on the walls to give an illusion of full-thickness stone walls. Exposing or building thick wooden beams on the ceiling is also a great way to add rustic look to your interiors. Using décor accessories such as decorative horns, simple wrought iron chandeliers, or even cracked wooden columns brings in all the rustic charm you need. Use natural fabrics with muted and neutral colors.


Bringing in the Modern Part

Apart from getting right the rustic elements, it is also important to seamlessly blend the modern aspects of your home so that they don’t create unsavory distractions for the eye. While choosing the furniture and other things you want to keep modern try picking colors and material that blends into the color schemes of the rustic interiors. You can use distressed wooden furniture, or calm warm colored ones, and even try choosing them all white which goes wonderfully well with wooden looks also giving the interiors an interesting fresh look.

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