Designs That Are Going to Take Over The Decor Industry in 2018

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As the New Year has dawned, we have again got a clean slate to achieve greater things and start writing our accomplishments on it. Interior Designing industry has always come up with beautiful trends that mark its place all over from its genesis. Let’s take a look at some of the trends that are going to take over the market of interior decor this year.

  1. Curvy Furniture

There is always a place for geometry in designs. Furniture with curvy shapes and bright colors add an amazing look to the entire set. This look is glamorous and a little unexpected too. Items those are shapely or circular, round cushions, swiveling chairs, arched walls are going to be everywhere this year and it’s definitely finding its way into the world of design and to inspiration boards.


  1. Faux-less look

The authenticity is set to get back this year. Things that look too man made or wannabe would big a big no. Something that has character, feel and a story to tell can be worked out in a room but anything that feels too “artificial” need to go. Grabbing the steal deals from the local architectural place or at the flea market are going to be the best kind of vintage and unique things to put in your home.


  1. Pretty pastels

The Pretty and easy to live with Pastels are going to trick back into fashion. The beautiful sherbet colors like lemon chiffon, lettuce, pistachio and morning blue are going to be all over the floor this year.

home decor 2018


4. Floral Fabrics

Floral fabrics are going to be there all over the walls and the curtains and the sofas and the entire furniture. Also, they are certainly going to look gorgeous!! Lots of floral and color that pop like apple green and turquoise and going to come into the scene and rock it.


5. Yellow and Green Talk

Bright colors are again going to be on the market in this year. These are the colors that are beautiful and pops up the surrounding. A lot of designers and fabric houses are going to include these colors in the trend this year. Green is an important color because it brings the nature inside the home. The modern neutral Yellow, on the other hand, brightens a room as well as the entire neighborhood. There is going to be a big return of bright and clear colors unlike the boring gray and beige.


Along with all of this, details are going to be more and more important in the home designs and are going to play an important role in all part of the designs. Good lighting is again to be a key element in the entire decor. They are an important way of making a room feel warm and inviting. 2018 is going to bring a nice positive change in the industry!

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