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Wallpapers give the room more than just something pretty to look at. They give a character to the rooms that are otherwise bland and just a collection of four walls around. There are various types of interior wallpapers available online as well as in stores which are being manufactured by keeping in mind the different uses they would be put to and taking into consideration the atmosphere present in different rooms of the house. The kitchen for example needs a heat and humidity resistant wallpaper, where as a home with children around requires a more durable and may be even washable wallpaper. Here is a list of all different types of wallpapers from which you can choose what’s best for your scenario.

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Lining Paper

Though not exactly a wallpaper lining paper is like a primer to wallpaper. After the previous wallpaper is completely removed and any imperfections in the wall treated, it is usually recommended by some manufacturers, though not always necessary, to use a lining paper before pasting your wallpaper. The lining paper ensures that there aren’t any minor imperfections on the wall and will also help mask the color of the wall if previously painted. It also ensures the wallpaper you hang has a good adhesive base. Always align the lining paper in a direction at right angles to the wallpaper, that is if you are hanging your wallpaper vertically use the lining paper horizontally and vice versa.

Washable/Mylar Wallpapers

Washable wallpapers are coated with a thin plastic or polyester surface covering the color or print over a paper backing. This allows them to be easily washable using a damp cloth or a sponge, and hence are stain and water resistant. They have a shiny appearance similar to the vinyl ones and they have to be hung carefully as they are prone to creasing. It is suggested to use them over a lining paper as they require the surface to be without imperfections.

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Vinyl Wallpapers

There are various types of vinyl wallpapers available in the market. Vinyl coated wallpapers come with an outer coating of vinyl in desired colors and prints with a paper backing. They are also easy to peel off in case of future renovation. Another variation of vinyl coated wallpapers is Moire wallpapers. They are vinyl coated over a fabric backing such as silk and satin and come with prints, grainy wood or flowing silk textures.


Vinyl wallpapers are completely made of very thick vinyl sheets with thin paper backing. Unlike vinyl coated, these are hard to peel as water doesn’t penetrate the outer surface to the paper backing. Blown vinyl wallpapers are embossed wallpapers with vinyl plastic finish. All vinyl wallpapers are durable and hard wearing. They are easy to wash and are hence perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.

Vinyl grass cloth wallpapers are artificially created to mimic woven grass over a paper backing. These give a natural and elegant look, and are highly durable and washable. Both Moire and vinyl grass cloth have less noticeable seams and can be installed without worrying about missing alignment.

Foil/Metallic Wallpapers

These wallpapers come with a thin metal sheet over a backing with the design printed over it. These wallpapers come with three different types of backings – fabric backed, fiberglass backed and paper backed. All types of foil or metallic wallpapers require to be installed carefully to avoid creasing or wrinkling. They are very durable after installation and can be used in bathrooms and kitchens. Due to their shiny surface any imperfections in the wall will be noticeable which is why it is necessary to ensure the wall surface is smooth before installation. It is often recommended to use lining paper.

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Relief/Anaglypta/Lincrusta Wallpapers

These are an amazing range of wallpapers that will add a beautiful classic character to the walls. Relief, Anaglypta or lincrusta are embossed wallpapers with the design patters embossed or in relief over the surface. You can find them in a wide variety of designs and patterns, from classic Victorian or Baroque designs to modern geometric repeating patterns or abstract lines and curves. These wallpapers are perfect for hiding surface imperfections of your wall.

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Photo Mural Wallpapers

As the name suggests, these are wallpapers printed with a photo of your choice. You can choose a nice beach, a forest or any such photos to be printed and installed.


There are various other types of wallpapers created with a combination of different materials and textures based on the need. Natural silk, natural string, vinyl string, non-woven, Hessian, flock, chintz, satin, satinette and gravure wallpapers are a few other options.


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