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February 15, 2017
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Also known as suspended ceiling or dropped ceiling or grid ceiling, the false ceiling has now found its way not just in offices, multiplexes and shopping malls but also in our homes. Earlier, it was restricted to commercial areas but now it has become a mark of modernism and elegance for homes as well. False ceiling not only adds to the functionality but also adds grandeur to the place. It transforms the overall look of the place. The research and innovation in this field has engineered such eye-popping designs that will certainly capture one’s senses.

Interestingly, one can flip between the themes of the false ceiling according to the room. The dropped ceiling comes in different materials like metal, wood, glass, fibre, plaster of Paris and many more but gypsum is trendy these days due to its magnificent insulation properties. However, one can choose a combination of different materials to give a more vibrant look and turn your house or office into a spectacular place. Here are some of the factors that give false ceiling an upper edge over the old-styled ceiling and grade it as a true value for money.

  • The electrical and duct wires, pipes and cables would stay out of sight, behind the false ceiling, thereby imparting a tidy look to the room.
  • The repair work can be carried hassle free since the panels are easy to reassemble.
  • The ceilings are impenetrable for bacteria, mold, sagging and mildew.
  • It helps in cutting down your heating and AC expense due to its insulating effect.
  • The acoustic and sound absorption feature promotes noise reduction and bestows a clear and amusing sound to your ears.
  • Dropped ceiling also enhances the intensity of light due to its reflective surface.
  • It is economical especially in case of sizeable halls, since you do not have to get the entire ceiling renovated in case of damage.
  • By replacing the routine tube lights, you can position LED lights inside the grid ceiling in separate corners and can let the specific LED shower light on you.
  • False ceiling also embodies anti flame-spreading properties in case of accidental fires.

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