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June 25, 2018
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January 21, 2019
Feng-Shui for home

Money and prosperity always comes with hard work. But what if there are things that help you in achieving fame and money! Feng Shui is that concept which helps you invite the money and abundance in the life. It is actually an ancient Chinese art and science which came into existence over 3000 years ago and was brought into existence to promote good health, harmony and good fortune. There are so many decor ideas floating on the internet that can be used to design your home and office area. Adding Feng Shui to your decor will not only add a classic touch to it but would also attract wealth, abundance and prosperity. There are so many different ways to implement Feng Shui in your home and you would see that the energy of your space turns out to be vibrant and fresh. Use the below simple tricks to align yourself in getting the necessary support to seek fame and attract the energy of wealth.

  1. Keep your Home Clean :

Feng Shui says that your kitchen is directly connected to your ability to attract money. Keep your pantry, refrigerator, stove area as well as your counters clean. Clutters bring negativity and can neither attract nor bring the energy of wealth. Store the leftovers properly and remove the garbage timely. Keep your house tidy and clean and prosperity will come to you.

  1. Color effect :

Colors have a great impact on the mood and energy of a place. Red is believed to be an auspicious color and represents great power. Green and Purple hold the essence of attracting prosperity. Also look for the colors in your home which matches your personality and your choice.

  1. Entrance :

The Front door of your house should always be easy to see. The basic principle that Feng Shui believes in is more the front door of your home is easy and clean, more easily it is for money to flow into your house. The path to your home should be clean and fresh.

  1. Garden :

Having a well-flourished garden promotes life and inspiration. Flowers and plants also helps in clearing negative energy.

  1. Get Rid of Unwanted Stuff :

Feng Shui principle explains that more space relates to bigger opportunities. By removing the things from your home that you do not need anymore and de-cluttering it, you invite new opportunities and prosperity to your home.

  1. It’s all about Love:

In the end everything comes down to love. If you do not love yourself, your life and your home, happiness and prosperity can never come to you. Have a layout at your home which you love and always have a happy feeling when you come back home because you will bring the prosperity and good fortune with your positive vibe.

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