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March 14, 2018
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Trends will always come and go but there are things that will remain in style always and forever no matter if centuries have passed. No matter what style is trending now; there will always be few things which would last forever and never be out of fashion. The way we have few basics in our wardrobe which never gets outdated, the similar way there are certain furniture pieces which would always be on the trend. These are simple yet tasteful and always match up to an ongoing trend. They understand the style and balances any room decor perfectly with a little of refinement around. If you follow the meaning of the phrase “less is more”, certainly do not confuse it with “cheaper is better”. Achieving that perfect look of the house with minimalism is what exactly the phrase means. The below staple pieces are a must and they would never go out of style.

  1. Platform beds :

These beds work super well because of how simple they are. Decorating around doesn’t take a lot of efforts and they work best for the people who do not like canopy beds. Along with being super comfortable, these beds also provide an adequate amount of space, flexible support and ventilation for a mattress.

  1. Chairs :

A good pair of chairs is what you need in your home. Be it a ton of guests coming into your home finding a place to sit or you want to relax in your drawing room. A good set of chairs always helps out.  Be it the lounge chairs, accent chairs, or a clean set of chairs, all of them add a beautiful art to the home. The best part is even when you want to redecorate your home, they would always be there because hey! They gel along with everything and with every style.

  1. A grand chandelier :

Chandeliers add glamour and sophistication to any place that they are placed in. Having a crystal chandelier in your works with any kind of setting and doesn’t get outdated ever. Its style and undeniable beauty have that a piece of beautiful chandelier remains a classic forever and ever.

  1. A statement Rug:

You would not know what difference a statement rug makes. They have been around forever and don’t look like they are going any time soon. They are very easy to work with and make space appear larger. They add the much-required pop of color to the home and are everything beautiful that the home needs.

Designing and decorating is a very personal thing to the homeowner. The way you decorate your home gives away a lot about your personality, your likes and you. Therefore always be clear about what you want and make sure to keep some forever pieces preserved. Have these pieces in your home and they would work well with every style that you want. Happy Decorating!

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