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October 27, 2014
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October 30, 2014

Follow the most important home decorating rules:

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THE 70-20-10 RULE:  For a truly balanced scheme, keep 70% of the elements (say, the walls and floors) as one color, 20% in a second color (prints and fabrics) and add 10% of a vibrant accent (accessories).

THE PATTERN RULE:  If you’re mixing patterns, use large with medium or medium with small, never large with small. Choose prints that share a color in common for an ultra-smart, co-ordinate look.

THE PAINTED BOX RULE:  The look of paint changes according to the time of day and the light in a room. Paint the inside of a large box with a tester to create a miniature ‘room’ and see how the paint color changes within a 3D space.

AND FINALLY… Always add a surprise. A focal point – whether it’s a feature wall, a huge mirror or a piece of art – is the short cut to a ‘wow’ room.

Source: Ideal Home Magazine December 2014


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