How to Create Your Own Piece of Heaven in the Bathroom?

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July 24, 2017
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Everyone knows that bathrooms are the most functional rooms in one’s home. Still, the very word ‘functional’ has an incredibly boring ring to it. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way. You see, most people both begin and end their day in the bathroom, which is why its design might have a significant impact on one’s mood. With this in mind, here are a few tips which might help you create your own piece of heaven in your own home.


Adequate bathroom lighting

When it comes to the overall ambiance in the bathroom (or any room for that matter), it’s the light that plays the most vital role. Here, however, you need to think in layers. On one hand, you want to have an option of going with dim lights or even candles while enjoying in your bathtub, but some tasks, like shaving, makeup or brushing teeth, require a certain degree of visibility.

bathroom lighting

In any other room, the visibility would have been aided by natural light but here, for the sake of privacy, you will have a limited amount of daylight (or none at all) penetrating the room. This is why you need to set your mind towards installing several different kinds of fixtures. You need a major (dimmable) led fixture in the ceiling, but also use some vanity lights as an extra. You could even think towards installing a tall lamp in the corner of the room, but this is something completely optional.


Fabric is your friend

Speaking of heaven, one of the first adjectives that come to mind is certainly coziness. Luckily, this particular aspect of your bathroom décor is quite easy to achieve. One can easily mimic this softness with the help of adequate fabrics placed at the strategic locations in your bathroom. Towels come as the most obvious choice, but keep in mind that they have a decorative function, as well. Their location needs to be clearly visible, yet easily accessible, which makes placing them on a wall rack a better idea than just stacking them on a pile next to the vanity.

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Another thing you might want to consider is the floor mat that you are about to use. Going with a recent internet phenomenon – the moss floor mat is more than a great idea and it can help your home’s re-establish its long lost connection with nature.


Furnishing the place

Once you have the issue of light and fabrics covered it is finally time to deal with the most important issue of them all – the question of finding an adequate furniture. The choice of the right bath is the most logical first stop and here you will probably want to go for something both comfortable and functional. Luckily, you can combine comfort and design by choosing a freestanding bath for your daily warm baths or opt for any other sleek design.


Aside from this, you will have to make a choice of a sink and depending on the number of inhabitants in your household, you might want to think about double-sinks. Finally, adding a chair or even a sofa (for those who have a spacious enough bathroom) might be a good idea.


Investing in privacy

In the end, we’ve already mentioned the problem with bathroom windows and the issues they may have surrounding your privacy. Well, there’s a solution to this particular problem. Sure, you don’t want anyone peeping while you are taking a bath or sitting on your toilet, but during your morning shave or makeup routine, you could definitely benefit from some daylight. This is why you might want to consider getting some quality blinds. This way, you alone can decide on the degree of both natural light and privacy that your bathroom receives at the moment.

As you can see, creating your own piece of heaven in the bathroom takes much less effort than you have probably expected. All you need to do is find an optimal solution to several practical problems (light, furniture, privacy) and utilize these solutions to also give a satisfactory aesthetic effect. In return, you will be rewarded with a personal oasis in your own household.


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