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A vision of a perfect home usually changes as we age. While you’re young, a simple setup without too much comfort or room is enough – as long as you can call it your own. This changes and becomes a much more complex issue later on and designing a family home means planning a long-term future.

It isn’t only a choice of aesthetic or functionality but a business decision as well because you need to evaluate how hard would it be to sell the home and get a return on your investment.


The layout








When you’re designing the layout you need to think about the ways a home will be used – that is who is going to live in it and how. Try to create large flowing spaces that would allow for the residents to talk and spend time together in common rooms.

This also creates the opportunity to change the purpose of the room when someone moves out or when you want to make a big change in the overall design. If a home is brightly lit and carefully decorated, this layout will also make it appear larger.




This is something that most homeowners don’t think about right away and it could cause trouble later on because it’s very hard to add bathrooms once you have the whole home set up. Try to set up a bathroom for every bedroom if you have space and resources needed to do so. This will make life a lot easier when the kids are teenagers.

Add adjustable showers so the room could be changed according to the needs of your kids as time goes by and try to have enough natural light because bathrooms seldom do.


The yard

It isn’t really a family home if it doesn’t have a spacious backyard for barbeques and family gatherings as well as a well-kept front lawn. Also when the potential buyers are visiting display homes in Sydney it’s usually the surroundings that get their attention first.

The most elegant way to go is to have a year-round garden that it’s a bit harder to maintain but it comes with the benefit of looking fresh even in the bleak autumn months. If you want to add a bit of flare to the yard a fire pit in the backyard could be a great excuse to throw a party every now and then.



One of the warmest parts of every family home is the little nook hidden away somewhere where it’s cozy enough to relax and bright enough to read. Use soft lighting and traditional wooden ornaments in this area to make it look welcoming and warm.

It also might be a good idea to have a home library nearby and to use a lot of cushions and blankets as well. A house can survive without such an area but it makes for such great memories.


Family activity room

People often forget to notice how much the way a home is set up affects the way they live their daily lives. It may not seem like it, but if you have a room designated for the family activities you’ll have much more family activities.

This room shouldn’t have that many gadgets in it – a TV is fine and watching movies together is too, but the furniture should be placed in a manner that encourages conversation and real interaction. That’s what closeness is about.
Designing a perfect family home takes planning and understanding what your family life is going to be like. But if you choose carefully and tastefully you could also significantly increase the value of the property.

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