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August 23, 2017
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September 11, 2017

Whether you have a big property or you own a small yard with a petite house, you can spruce up your backyard in many different ways.

It can be turned into a playground, a flower garden or a relaxing lounge. Either way, here are some simple ideas on how to upgrade your backyard.

Define and design

Start the makeover by defining the areas you need ‒ a shaded lounge area, dining area, play area, etc. Then, decide which furniture and decoration will make the best visual impact on each area.

Many of us prefer leaving their gardens covered in green grass, but adding a curvy path with a layer of crushed rocks will polish and help define the seemingly untamed space.

If you have a plain concrete patio, an inexpensive way to refresh it is to coat it with paint in a color of your choice. If you also want to keep your old furniture, just renovate and reuse it. Sometimes, all it takes to make an old thing new again is a little effort and some imagination.

If you don’t want to have a lot of things scattered all around your backyard, build a simple shed where you can store all kinds of items, like kids’ toys, gardening tools and spare stools. This way, you will keep these things out of sight when not in use.



Keeping it simple

Architectural details, like gazebos and trellises, are beautiful additions to outdoor decoration. You can place a gazebo in the back of the garden and surround it with flowers of different colors. Add a few elegant sofas or chairs, and you will have a mesmerizing garden.

A vine-decorated trellis, if placed in the front part of your yard, can mark the entrance to your garden in the most beautiful way. Empty bird cages and hanging candle jars are the ideal decoration for garden trees. Complete that with a few hammocks and dream-catchers, and your evenings spent in the garden will be memorable.

Get creative

There are many ways to create a harmonious look in your outdoor space. Repainting all of the wooden items in colors that complement the garden is a simple, yet creative makeover. Using complementary colors will tie the space together.

If there’s any exposed soil in your backyard, mulching is a great option. It prevents weeds from growing and it gives your garden a charming look.

When it comes to outdoor lighting, vintage lamps with a downward glow can create a soothing atmosphere.

Also, planting flowers that repel animals will keep the wildlife out of your garden.

If there are a lot of birds in your area, a few strategically placed bird feeders will transform your backyard into a wildlife paradise. Hang one bird feeder on your porch and the sounds of nature will replace your morning alarms.



The bigger picture

It’s very important that you clear the backyard of any objects and debris before starting your makeover. However, complex tasks such as tree removal, mulching, or crane work require a professional and safe environment. Therefore, always call professional workers and they will leave your garden safe, tidy, and clean. Also, such upgrades will be remarkable and sustainable in the long run.

No matter how big or small a job might be ‒ if it’s even a bit risky ‒ always call the professionals to do it for you.

Upgrades and changes like these can be done in one weekend and they guarantee an unforgettable outdoor experience. It’s time we moved our favorite sofas into our backyards and started enjoying the perks of natural surroundings.


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