Integrating Nature into your Home Design: – Let’s do it right away

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May 20, 2017
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House Planting is one of the greatest interior decor ideas which turn out wonderful! Won’t you love waking up among flowers every morning, plucking fruits from your own little plant and relishing on it! I would love to do it and certainly you would too .Bring the nature to you rather than you going for it. Growing the plants inside your home will brighten and enhance the charm of your place. The beauty of your home’s interiors can be greatly enhanced by the use of in house grown plants. The key to a fresh and colorful interior decor is the use of indoor plants. They instantly change the complete atmosphere and add that push your decor needs for it to stand out and feel complete. Let’s look at different ways in which you can do the amazing improvisation to your interiors and include plants into your home’s decor.

1. Bring in Bonsai trees and plant it in a vase inside your lobby. It is aesthetically pleasing and they bring in warmth to your home. Tree ferns, an exotic plant is really popular in interior decor as it can transform your lobby and makes it livelier. It can really add life to your isolated lobbies.

2. A climber flowers plant adds a beautiful feel to the home. You can let these plants take over the wall, or cover a window, or cover the entrance. Adding them to the decoration makes the entire setup appealing to eyes.

3. Buy small Plant containers and never throw a seed again. Plant the seeds of tomatoes, berries and small plants like parsleys, mints and coriander and grown them in-house. Your own Home garden would add colors to the decor of your house.

4. Flowers like lilies, roses and Jasmine can be grown in small pots to break the monotony of the place. You can keep these in your living rooms and your balconies.

5. Grow Plants like English Ivy, Lavender, Aloe Vera, snake plant, spider plant and gardenia and place them in your Bedroom. These are the plants which help in better sleeping and create a beautiful environment as well.

6. Add Hanging Plants in your study to make your entire setup more quirky and your study more relaxing.

7. Another great idea is to grown little plants in test tubes and creating a chandelier out of it. Add this decor to your living room and let the guests fall in love with it.

All the above ideas can be used for enhancing the decor of your place and to bring a refreshing feeling to it. You just need to remember to take care of these plants and their requirements. Go ahead! Start using these ideas and revamp your home decor. Don’t forget to give it the touch of your own creative skills. Start experimenting now!! You are surely going to love the output.

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