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Design trends can become outdated in the blink of an eye. This can be really frustrating for people who want to modernize the interior of their household. Thankfully, there are several simple tricks that can help you achieve that up-to-date look that can last forever. That’s right, once you apply these interior design tips for a modern home, you won’t have to think about updating it ever again.


As far as colors go

Light colors are always the best choice because they make the space look bigger. The best course of action is to use white as a base color for your entire household. The stylistic details should be in one of the three basic colors – red, yellow or blue. It’s advisable to utilize one color per room and be sparse with it.

However, it shouldn’t all be so clean-cut. Natural textures of wood and metal can be a welcome addition to the style of your room and add a little bit of chaos where needed. However, don’t overdo it since wood is especially prone to becoming outdated.

Here’s another useful tip – hang a mirror that stretches from floor to ceiling. It will complement the style of your home (since it will reflect the already prevalent colors) and make the space appear even larger.


Kitchen and bathroom tiles

kitchen interior


Replacing the tiles can be an arduous task. Once your living room or any other part of the house gets outdated, most of the time you can easily renovate it just by adding a new coat of paint. Tiles are a different story altogether. Both kitchen and bathroom renovations are incredibly expensive and demanding tasks, so you’ll have to think twice before you decide on the style you are going with – as far as tiles are concerned.

Once again, white is a good choice, but you’ll want something distinctive. If you are going with small tiles, use the darker shade of cement to get a mosaic-like look. Once you step back, it can look really mesmerizing. Marble is a fantastic design choice that looks eternal. If you can afford it, no need to think twice about it – make both your kitchen and bathroom look regal.


If it looks messy, it’s outdated

Clutter is a big problem in many households. It drags down the appearance of a room and there’s a great chance that a bunch of furniture and items hiding underneath that clutter are from the bygone era. If you want a modern-looking room, you first have to get rid of anything that has an overelaborate design.

Always remember one crucial thing – modernity speaks in straight lines. If you have carpets and table cloths, get rid of them too. Go with a fresh, plain look and leave only the pieces of furniture that you need. This also goes for lamps, bookshelves and cabinets.

Swing doors also contribute to the clutter, and most of the time, they are only standing in the way. As far as closet and wardrobe doors go, the sliding mechanism is the best solution. You can, for example, easily purchase high-quality sliding wardrobe doors in Brisbane and get a subtle addition to your wardrobe that will never get in the way.

Add some plant life to the mix

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Plants will make your home look fresh and lively. They can bring color into your home, serve as eye-catching centerpieces of the room, or simply enhance the visual aspect of your walls. They can also contribute to the air-quality of your home. Just make sure the vases are in sync with the rest of the interior design. Larger plants are an amazing filler for dark and bare corners, and the smaller ones can be used to decorate table tops and cabinets.

Pay close attention to these tips as you browse through various materials and paint colors that will spruce up your home. You can save a lot of money in the long run as your home will not look outdated for decades. A sparse look and avoidance of clutter coupled with straight parallel lines of furniture and walls add up to a truly modern looking home. In the end, just remember to lift up those shades and let the light in so you and your guests can truly enjoy the sight.

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