Ceiling, since the beginning of classical architecture, had become much more than just a roof over the head. From elaborate frescos and carved cornices,ceiling designs have come a long way to modernity and abstract forms. We at Dekoratus believe in designing ceilings that not just bring the feeling of spatial vastness, but also can protect you from more than just environmental forces.


We design carefully created spatial planning that helps control the way sound propagates through the room. Good acoustics help improve the audial ambience in the house and create a pleasant and clear listening experience.

Sound Absorption

We use perforated metal ceilings with sound-absorbing inlays that help reduce noise and improve the clarity of sounds. By using a test stand we can calculate the room’s acoustic data and design the ceiling accordingly. We also provide many different kinds of false ceilings in unique abstract shapes and sizes, with blocks that are straight, square or circular and made of calcium silicate, aluminum or steel.