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October 8, 2016
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November 17, 2016

If you want to beautify your home and make it look more spacious and attractive, you should begin by decluttering it. Decluttering is the process of eliminating clutter, which includes everything that hinders you from using your living space as you desire. Decluttering adds value to your home by creating a perception of a larger space and it also helps you to enjoy better health by reducing your stress levels. The following tips will help you to declutter your home with ease.

Never wait for the best time to declutter

Don’t wait for a time when you will feel like starting the process or a time when your home looks slightly cluttered. Ultimately, the best time to start the process is now. You need to include decluttering into your daily or weekly routine so you can enjoy its full benefits. This will help you to keep things from getting out of control. Decluttering regularly will help you to adopt a healthy and profitable minimalist lifestyle. Once you can develop this habit, you will find it easy to kick-start the process without anyone encouraging you to do it.

Dedicate short periods of time daily for decluttering

If you intend to put your home on the property market and you want to influence your home’s value positively by decluttering it, don’t attempt to declutter your entire home within 24 hours. It won’t work. You must realise that decluttering requires a significant amount of concentration and energy. It will take you time to identify different items, and decide whether you should keep them, donate them or get rid of them. After some hours, the process could get tedious and overwhelming. You would achieve better results when you spend about 20 minutes or less in each session daily.

Set up bins to speed up the process

Set up at least 3 bins each time you want to declutter a particular space in your house. The bins should be identified as “Keep”, “Donate”, “Recycle or Dispose”. You should also have bags that you can put trash or items that you would send to a recycling company. Make sure you shred all personal documents before you dispose of them. After you have completed a decluttering session, you should place the unwanted items outside so that they don’t become another source of clutter in the home.

Grab a small portion at a time

In addition to scheduling short decluttering sessions, you should also learn to take up a small and manageable amount of clutter and start working on it. You may get a basket, bag, box or any container that can house a reasonably sized amount of clutter that you can work on within 20 minutes. This method has a way of motivating you to quickly deal with the clutter without being overwhelmed by all the mess inside a whole room.

Adopt a top down approach

It is logical to start cleaning a house from the top. This means that you clean the cobwebs in the ceiling and remove dust from walls and windows before you clean the floor. In the same way, declutter your rooms by working on the items on top of shelves, within the shelves and then those lying on the floor. You should work on your attic first before you start working on the basement. This way you can transform your entire home from top to bottom and also enjoy a healthier atmosphere within your house.

Dispose of broken and outdated stuff

If you don’t know what to get rid of and what to keep, you can start by setting aside all outdated, damaged and faulty tools and equipment. It is unlikely that you will ever use these again and such items will not attract much value in a garage sale. So it is best to dispose of items like faulty mp3 players, damaged food processors, and other electronic devices. You should also determine the items you will give away. For instance, if you have not used an item for the past 3 years and you feel it will be useful to a friend, relative or orphanage, it is better to give it away than to allow it to clutter your home.This is particularly true of items that get updated frequently due to improvements in technology.

These tips will help you to get inspired to face the challenge and start decluttering your home. If you take up small portions of clutter daily, you will soon develop a great habit that will keep clutter out of your life, improve your home environment, reduce stress, save you time and make your home more attractive to would-be buyers or tenants if you want to put it on the market.

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