Less is more – Styling tricks for a small spaces

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Spaces are something we can never get enough of in a house. There were days when houses use to be like big castles with huge living rooms and long kitchens and gigantic bathrooms. These days when we look for an accommodation, getting a very spacious place to live is a next to impossible thing even if we are not on a budget. The best possible way in this kind of situation is to apply some amazing ideas of styling within less spacing in your room. They trick the eyes into making the area appear more spacious.

Division of your room into different sections is an absolute win-win game for the less spacing more living mantra. Think of the things that you do in a place, things like reading, sleeping, working or eating and then organize their area by dividing your room into different sectors. Divide a single room into different zones with things like flowy curtains, a smart placed indoor plant or even old furniture.



Use of bigger but lesser furnishings is another must apply trick. Unnecessary crowding with small furniture would only make the room clumsy and ugly looking. It is not required to display everything, the things should rather be grouped and the room should get some space to breathe. Nothing makes a room look small than cluttered and full of knee knockers. Outfitting a small space with few large pieces of furnishings can actually make the whole place look magnificent.


Customising the storage in the room with having built-in storage racks and nooks on the walls is a great idea for space saving. Everything is going to be in front of your eyes and every space is going to be utilized. Designers also use a lot of mirrors in order to give the room a larger feeling. If feasible, position a mirror across the window so that its reflection could give an illusion of another window and the room looks more open.


Multipurpose pieces are the heroes in small rooms. They are everything for that matter like a table functioning as a desk or cubes acting as coffee tables and bonus seats in an emergency or a sofa doubled as a guest bed or seats with hidden storage beneath them. These kinds of things are the lifesavers in small spaces. Everything should serve more than one purpose and that’s the key. Buy in things like shelves which could turn into bedside table, under bed storage twist on or a wall closet. All of these things will help in saving space and would make the room look more slick and clean.

Nothing makes one more uncomfortable than living in a clumsy and cluttered space. The areas which feel claustrophobic can be transformed into a homely and pleasing space by applying the above little strategies for home decor. Being able to move the things around gives a freer and flowing feeling.

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