Living Room Decor – Brighter and Bolder in 2019

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Having a beautifully decorated and aesthetically pleasing living room can be both therapeutic as well as totally eye-catching element for your home.  In today’s article, we would take a closer look at some of amazing living room trends which you can work with in your room and fall in love with.

  1. Art-Attack!

Artwork has always been in and 2019 is again the year for it. Large scale prints are totally in this year and the current wall art trends are in-your-face kind of stuff. They are bold, and they are big. Conventionally, an art work on your wall should cover four seventh of the space where it is going to be placed. But hey! Its your home and its your room. You can go to higher experimental states to see what looks best to your eyes.

  1. Color Pop!

So, whatever they say but there is nothing like too much colours. Bright colours in your home always brings so much warmth and happiness around them. A fun way to add colours to the living room is colourful seating. 2019 has been the year of this eye-catching trend. Be it sofas, stools or chairs, everything can be seen in the bold shades of ruby red, sapphire blue, citrine yellow and emerald green. The only thing to keep in mind while incorporating this trend in your living room is to keep every other feature in the room in neutral hues. The colourful seating should be the statement piece in the room and the rest in subtle shades to keep the entire setup from being too overwhelming.

  1. Statement ceilings:

We have often talked about how statement ceilings can be the only thing in your room and still it can totally amp up the look of the room one notch above. 2019 continues to be the year of statement ceilings.Colors are invading in this sector too however the focus is more on the darker side with browns and blacks and greys. Alluring Darks are being more in the picture. However, you should not get distracted by this restriction. Incorporate colors as per your liking and choice just keeping in mind not to make your room a rainbow palette (Although that wouldn’t be a bad idea too 😉). Try using things other than paints in your ceiling, things like wallpapers or temporary wall decals. These work well with the ceilings and makes a fine statement too.

  1. Natural materials:

Designers are obsessed with natural material and the visual texture that they add to the interiors. The “in” things are the usage of natural stones, quartzite and even terrazzo in unexpected places and ways. Innovative use of metals is also quite the show these days. Not just rose gold way, but lacy metals create a beautiful piece of art other than adding to the decor of your room.


Work on the thousand ideas available on the internet to make your living room the most beautiful one but never forget to add your personal touch to it. Add your collectables and personal statement to your room cause that and always that would make it stand out in the crowd!

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