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May 20, 2015
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What are Louvers?

Louvers are one of the most versatile architectural and interior design elements that were used extensively to cover the windowsfor privacy and control the incoming light, wind and dust, but now are seeing greater innovative ideas in the construction of buildings. The slats are usually either horizontally or vertically oriented and sometimes are also aligned along an angle to create for aesthetic purposes. Normally they are fixed into the window frame with its plane angled downwards of sideways. Some louvers are also fixed in such a way that they can be rotated shut if required.


Where Can Louvers Be Used?

Many new architects and designers are using the concept of louvers on the exteriors as the façade of a building. They are constructed in such a way that they make the building even more interesting from the outside at the same time controlling the amount of visibility from the outside. Another advantage of using louvers is that the parallel slats provide insulation from the outside temperatures which is an advantage in areas with high temperatures while the building calls for a glassed or open exterior design.


Louvers are the perfect solution for spaces with huge glass window areas on the walls or where natural light, fresh air and outside view are needed without disrupting the privacy of the people inside. Modern country houses, glassy and new urban buildings, apartments, office spaces and other such constructions can benefit by using louvers as part of the design. Louvers make for a great modern architectural and design element adding character and bringing a unique aesthetic quality to the building.


In a perfect example the designers of the café in the picture abovemade use of vertical slats to partially cover the walls and as partitions in between the seating achieving both privacy and an edgy design.

Thishair saloon shown above made a clever use of louvers by using them both on their windows and on the ceiling. In conjunction with the saloon’s minimalist look the louvers make for a wonderfully modern detail that adds character to the place.

There are movable louvers that can be controlled with a remote that you can open or shut them at the comfort of your easy chairgiving easier access and added feeling security. They also come in a wide variety of materials including metal, wood and synthetic. Whether you are considering them for your new home or retrofitting them to your old one, louvers, when used creatively, make for an excellent design element to your home and office.


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