Modern Heritage Interior Makeover

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August 9, 2015
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Modern Heritage Interior Makeover

What can be more beautiful than a home that comes with history and generations of memories? Heritage homes are not just hand-me-down old fashioned houses that people inherit or seek to sell off to others because they want something better. They were once the heart and soul of those who lived there and looked after it and will now be just that to you as well. Whether you want to turn your home into something both modern and old or take another step and change it into something completely modern or different here are a few things to take into consideration that will help you plan your interior makeover.


Keep What Can Be Saved

Not everything needs to be gotten rid of. Though the old owners might have made their own renovations and attempts at changing things, you would be surprised how much you will find that could be spared. Before going about the makeover, thoroughly analyze everything in the house and list them down. Whether you are hiring a designer or it is your DIY project, decide how each element will add to and complement the final look you are trying to achieve. This will help save the money and use what’s left of your budget for some other things.


Check Out the Structural Aspects

Before bringing down any parts of the house for remaking them, take into account the structural aspects of the house. The door and window frames, the ceiling beams, columns, platforms, staircases and everything else need to be checked for any sign of weakness and repairs done according to their priority. This will prevent problems and unexpected repairs that will cost time and money that you might not find yourself willing to spend in the future, especially after going through all the trouble to make the home look the way you want.

Plumbing and Electricity

Plumbing and electricity are other major considerations when taking up a heritage home. Some things that the previous owners get used to out of habit such as the wrong switches or tricky taps will be unsavory surprises that you would want to know about beforehand. So, give them a check as well, along with a little deep checking of their status and condition.

Salvage from Garage Sales and Flea Markets

You would be surprised how many things you can find in garage sales and flea markets. The whimsical and interesting pieces of furniture, cutlery, porcelain, art and decorative items add character and charm to your home. You can also modify your old furniture to give them a new look that suits your taste. Distressing the wood or painting them with the colors from your color theme are also great ideas to makeover your heritage home.

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