Reading the right way – How to create the perfect reading corner in your room.

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February 5, 2019
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Reading the right way – How to create the perfect reading corner in your room.

For book lovers like me, any cozy corner of our house becomes our reading corner where we can sit peacefully and get lost in our book. However, having a dedicated cozy little corner in the living room would be extra special. When we dedicate spaces in our home for peaceful activities like going through a stack of magazines or reading a book or even put a mask and relax, they serve us a reminder to slow down, relax and find some self time amidst the tiresome schedule every time we look at them.

Your reading corner is going to be your place to simply sit and take deep breathes, your official place to unwind and recharge. A corner would bring more coziness and feel to the whole setting but you can have an entire room dedicated to your requirement however you like it to be. Bring in all those things that make your happy and soothed to the place with you.

  1. Colors have the immediate power to ooze happiness. For your reading corner to be your personal happy place, bring lot of colors into it. Bring in polka dot curtains or furniture like a green side table or for that matter anything is colorful and makes your happy.


  1. Incorporate soft materials like a cozy chair that you can sink into. Mix and match it with a pop color pillow and some personal touch of décor including your family pictures or wall hangings and souvenirs from your vacations.

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  1. Sometimes you do not even need a chair in your room. Soft woven blankets, hand painted pillows and a rug would be all what you would need. This way, your happy place would also be the place for your impromptu naps. The place of your relaxation where untimely naps are totally acceptable.
  1. Arrange your books beautifully so that every time you look at them while reading, it would bring the happiness of you owing so many of the loved pieces. A fantastic space savor is to setup your book space in the wall. Get those amazing bookshelves that can be installed up on your wall and arrange all your treasures in them. Make your corner space more personalized with adding old photographs and precious that would make your smile.

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  1. Now, nature can be incorporated anywhere and it’s always best to have them around too. Bring in those houseplants with you in the corner. Plants are known to be a mood lifter and what better things do you need in your happy place. Those Oh so beautiful plants would work the best with the place.

Be the designer and choose what you feel like. It’s your room and it’s your design. Go ahead and make it the best! Do what is making you happy!! J


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