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June 22, 2019

Anything that is space saving is the need of the hour. With modernization, urbanization & ever increasing expenses, people are getting pushed towards smaller and smaller dwellings. And in the smallest of accommodation every square inch counts. Each of the furniture needs to be put on double duty to cover the need of space in our tiny homes. These kinds of settings are the need of the hour so let’s look at some of that furniture that can help us ease the load:


  1. Convertible Sofa – Bed:

Isn’t it perfect to have furniture in your living room which works as a sofa and as bed whenever needed? There is thousands of variety available in these kinds of sofas which are chic and comfortable as well as serve the purpose really well. For those time of unexpected guests or for your own self, you do not need to worry for an additional bed and its spacing constraint anymore as you welcome home the furniture which is sofa in the day and bed in the night!


  1. Wall Mounted furnishings:

Wall mounted furniture are a great help in small homes. They are ultimate space saving additions to the house. Earlier the entire plethora of space on the walls was getting wasted but the ideas like wall mounted shelves, boards, tables and many more stuffs coming into picture, have changed the space saving game. They make the best use of the walls in the small space and make beautiful pieces of décor too. There are corner mounted shelves also available in the market which makes use of the corners of your wall hence minimizing more space. Therefore it’s a complete win-win situation where the things you need are in front of you and look beautiful too.


  1. Units with collapsible designs:

Collapsible designs are such an amazing find of the world.  There are so many different variations of collapsible designs available in the market and all of them works best at their level. Most of the wall mounted furnishings are also equipped with foldable designs which make them a great space saver. Take an example of a simple coffee table which can be folded when not needed and kept in the corner, can save a permanent space from getting used. Or a foldable iron board which would only be opened when needed and rest kept behind the cupboard or mounted to the wall. There is several furniture like this which work effectively saving a lot of spaces.


  1. Storage furniture:

There are several furniture that can be used as storage options along with their primary usage. There are chairs, tables and ottomans available where you can store stuffs other than using them as a sitter, a foot rest and a table if you belong to the non-clumsy group and would not spill anything over.


Other than these, there are several other options available which we will explore in coming days on our blog. Meanwhile if you were in need of any such idea, do implement them and let us know how it worked out in the comment section below.

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