Statement Ceiling and The Ways to Do It

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Everyone talks about Statement walls and statement floors and every different designing aspect of decorating their home interiors but there is another very vital part less talked about. It can change the entire look of the house if played with correctly. Yes, we are talking about the fifth wall of the room, the ceilings here! Forget about every different way of decor and let’s talk about Statement ceilings. For centuries, the statement ceilings have been the sign of ultimate luxury but coming off late such interior extravagance was not really in the game. Now is the time that this old grandeur is coming back and how!! Look up and you will see that vast area left to explore the land of designing for ceilings. This trend is going to make the fifth wall popular and bring a whole new vibe to the home.

Plain or printed Wallpapers, tiles, decors, paints and vibrant hues and much more make for the perfect ceiling. The idea should be clear in the head about what is the requirement, how do we want the ceiling to look like and what kind of thing we would like to see every time we look up. The first and the most basic one is painting. It’s the easiest as well as the quickest way too to get the perfect statement ceiling for your home. You should select bright and strong colors and use a glossy paint to create that drama. Rich color works fantastically well with the ceilings.

Wallpaper Statement ceiling are another way of bringing that romancing effect to your ceilings. Go for cool patterns, faux papers, and metallic prints to give that depth and magical feeling to it.  Keep the color of the walls plain and play with the ceiling prints. Avoid using dark colors to make it well less spacious rather go for bright ones to give it a dramatized look.

Muraled ceilings are again a way of customizing your ceiling look and make it stand out feature of the room. This comes out costly but the result is always worth it. They add the grandeur of the palaces and cathedrals from centuries to your home. Since it would always be done by professionals, get it customized with your choice and transform your home!  Statement lighting does its work and adds to that much-needed drama to your ceilings. Coffered and wooden boarded ceilings are few other ways to spice up the look and be subtle yet stylish. The Old world has its own charm and that can be regained in this way. You will feel the warmth of that farmhouse and entire house would look bright and airy.

There is so much scope to do so many things with your boring ceilings that every time you do it, it would be a new home!! Get started today!

Weldecor Antique Brass Chandelier is another best option to give a charming look to your ceiling. 

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