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Good interior designing starts with the floor up, so it’s very important for you to select the best flooring for your home. Gone are the days were marbles were the only thing symbolizing floors. From the traditional carpets to long vinyl flooring, there is an amazing range available on the market today and needs a bit of exploration to come out, rise and shine.
The Kitchen is mostly about hardwearing flooring that can cope up with the stains and damages. Concrete flooring is one such type that can be placed on to the existing floor and is totally fuss-free. It just needs a new coating after every 7 years. This type of coating is best suited for a modern look to the kitchen. Another type of flooring appropriate for kitchens is Rubber Flooring. These types are water resistant and are very easy to clean. It comes in a variety of colors and texture hence choosing a pop of color would be a great idea to add that brightness to your kitchen. Hardwood flooring is also a good option when it comes to your kitchen. These are super durable and last a lifetime yet remain stylish and up to the changing trends.



For your bedroom, if you want to turn it into timeless style, nothing can be compared with real wood flooring. It’s like an old wine bottle, gets better with age and are super stylish yet classy. Victorian tiled flooring is a good option when you want a subtle yet timeless look. Hallways can have terracotta tiled flooring to give a relaxed and rustic look making the entire surrounding peaceful. It gives that typical farmhouse look to the hallway making it beautiful and comfortable. Rubber flooring works well for Bathrooms too due to its characteristics of being resilient yet soft. A Carpet is a timeless option which provides that coziness and warmth to the place. It gives the room that much needed homely feeling and are perfect for absorbing sound/providing insulation. Chipboards are another sensation in the flooring market in recent times. They are very durable, hard wearing and easy to clean hence non-fussy flooring option to be explored and to keep your rooms in perfect conditions. These flooring suits every room in the home and therefore works perfectly.

Don’t be afraid to try new ideas and trends. Try new things in your home, experiment with your kitchen tiles and the hallway floor or the bedroom one. Make it more quirky, pop up with colors and add that beautiful warmth to the house.

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