Things to Know About Sanding Hardwood Floor

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Hardwood flooring requires sanding for various reasons. If you have removed your old carpet and are getting a new one glued the floor needs to be sanded properly. The fuzz and glue from previous carpet will not make for a good surface to glue a new one. Sanding is also required if you are looking to refinish your flooring. So here are the things you should know before getting your floor sanded.

Clear Out the Furniture

Remove all the furniture and anything that is on the floor in the room before you start. Though it’s not a big problem, it might affect the continuity of the work if you are required to stop every time you encounter something on the floor. There is also a danger of uneven sanding because of the interruptions. Also make sure any nails, tacks or staples protruding above the surface need to be either removed or hammered down to avoid damaging the sanding machine.

Against Versus Along the Grain

When sanding it important to go ensure you know which way the grain is aligned. Sanding itself is an abrasive process. The friction between the machine and the floor causes the particles on top layers to be displaced and sucked into the machine drum. If you go against the grain you will end up removing more of the surface and is ideal if there is a lot to be removed. But, if all you need is smoothing up the surface it’s best to sand along the grain as it removes less of the top layers. Experts suggest that it is advisable to use the machine while walking backwards instead of forwards as it saves time and is much efficient.

Sealant Coating

Once the first cut sanding and finishing sanding are done it’s time to apply sealant coating. You can also simply use the usual varnishes to finish off. Or you can use wood dye, stain, lacquer finish, white oil or floor paint for it. Always make sure to wear a dust mask or respirator mask as the fumes can cause health problems and gloves for the hands.

Pros and Cons

Sanding creates a clear surface by getting rid of the surface imperfections or adhesives from previous carpets. This makes it easier to install new carpets. The floor will have a much better renewed look and will be leveled.

However, the old look that comes to hardwood floors due to age might be lost after sanding, though it can be corrected by varnishing. Sometimes, the worm holes and other problems will be exposed and it also can slightly decrease the thickness of the floorboards.

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