Trends in Copper Interior Accessories

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August 14, 2015
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Trends in Copper Interior Accessories

Copper is such an excellent decorative metal. Its rosy golden color brings the feelings of both warmth and comfort and at the same time giving a sense of old fashioned-ness to the surroundings. Do you dream of the times when copper was extensively used in making utensils and other equipment and how charmingly exquisite they made everything around look? Well, then getting your hands on some copper accessories is the perfect chance for you to relive it and also add very chic and classic beauty to your home and interiors.


Copper Pendant Chandeliers

These chandeliers are the current trend for any contemporary interior. They are almost perfect anywhere with white or pastel colored themes. Hang them in above the dining table, in the corner of your living room, or even in the center of your living room and they will brighten up your home with more than just lights in the nights as well as during the day.


Vases and Bowls

Copper vases and bowls in a minimalist interior add wonderful warm rosy highlights. Keep an empty copper vase on a white side table, or a bowl for the keys. If you want to have flowers try not to overwhelm by putting too many. Just take a few flowers with long stems if the flowers are big otherwise choosing small flowers will help not hide the beauty of the vase. Copper candle sticks are also an excellent idea if you want further ideas.

Kitchen Ware

Copper is not just a pretty metal in a kitchen. It has wonderful heat propagating properties and spreads heat evenly all over the vessel helping you to cook better with less chances of burning and uneven cooking. Apart from the benefits of cooking without problems, they can add a wonderful vintage quality and give a much profession French like look to your kitchen.


Bath Tub

Copper bath tubs are the quintessential examples of everything that vintage represents. What better way to relax after a hard day’s work than to immerse yourself into a warm bath in a gorgeously beautiful copper tub. Even if you are not that much into vintage interiors copper bath tubs would fit perfectly well into contemporary ones as well. All you have to do is choose a tub with an abstract or more angular shape. Another exciting feature of copper bath tubs is that you can either polish them to give a shiny sleek look or keep them as they are depending on how they would suit your interior theme.

Picture Frames

A copper picture frame on a wall makes for a wonderful decorative piece. The warmth and shininess of the metal brings attention to the picture and will frame it most beautifully. Try finding a frame with flowery designs or perhaps some contemporary design to give it variety. The metal’s beautiful sheen gives the room a marvelous vintage touch that is unique to it.

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