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August 26, 2015
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Daylight is a precious commodity. In right amounts it provides enough lighting and warmth required for a room to be comfortable and pleasing. Glass windows let you have that option to have the sunlight in the room at the same time giving a sense of vastness to the room. However, the other side of daylight is that it is hot and the temperatures inside the room will rise to uncomfortable levels during summers and middays. Using sun control films over your glass panes will help cut down the heat and glare.


There are varied types of solar films available in the market and you can choose from among them depending on how much you want the sun to be blocked, how much light you want to allow and so on. You can also find films of various colors, thicknesses and even designs.

Tinted Sun Control Films

Tinted films are known for their use on automobile windows, though their usage is not always permitted in some countries. When used on buildings, tinted films work as excellent insulators, reducing as much as 50% to 60% of the heat and allowing as much as 30% to 70% of light decreasing the energy consumption by 10% to 15%. Depending on the climatic conditions, you might not even have to use air conditioners.

Clear Sun Control Films

If you do not like the idea of having tinted films you can always choose clear sun control films. Clear films offer almost the same benefits that tinted films can, and they are the perfect choice if you are living in scenic areas and do not want the view to be modified in any way. During both day light and night the view remains the same as if you were viewing through a normal glass window at the same time providing insulation from the sun and reducing glare during the middays and hot days.

how sun control film works

Metalized Films

Metalized films or deposited films are manufactured by heating metals such as aluminum and nickel under high pressure and letting them disperse or deposit over the film creating a thick layer. The metal layer helps absorb the heat and radiation thus preventing them from entering the interiors.

Sputtered Films

Sputtered films are the most effective of all and are manufactured in a process similar to metalized films but involving an electromagnetic field to create the metal layer at the thickness of an atom. As any metal can be used and substituted depending on which type of radiation needs to be filtered sputtered film are very good at insulating without using any tints.

Aesthetic Usage


Apart from the insulating properties, the sun control films are used to create aesthetic effects as well. Many contemporary buildings have adopted the idea of using films of various colors on their glassed facades to create unique visual appearances. Some have taken this idea further and are using colored films to create stained glass and etched glass effects on the glass windows and doors. There are also manufacturers that will custom printed films of your choice.

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