Vital Reasons Why Cantilever Gates Is So in Demand!

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Cantilever gates have become popular choice mainly for the commercial businesses that desire a more high-security entrance gates. These cantilever gates are a kind of sliding gates that do not need a track across the roadway entrance.

These gates are so much in demand as they span to larger widths, can be installed on uneven ground and need no road tracks for a set-up. There is also an option of installing a standard swing gate if there are space limitations. Cantilever literally means hang over, it gets the name from this very concept. It is supported from the rail that runs along the insides of a fenced structure. They are wider than the usual sliding gates as they provide a perfect counter balance to the structure where the gate is supported. Since there are no rollers on the ground there is no ground obstruction created by these cantilever gates. This is one of the biggest reasons why cantilever gates are the preferred choice for heavy- duty & industrial gate applications.

With the help of this unique feature no part of the gate comes in direct contact with the ground.  Whether directly or indirectly, no part of the gate comes in contact with the ground with any type of wheel and instead cantilevers or hangs to close the opening. If the frame of a cantilever gate is constructed properly then the gate shall be able to withstand forces of gravity and wind. The construction of trusses and diagonal bracing helps the gate from sagging.

cantilever gates

Longer Operational Life

Because of its unique construction and its design, the cantilever gates are fabricated and designed in such a way that the gate will reduce friction whenever used and thereby prolonging its lifespan.

Easy Installation

As these cantilever gates require no ground track installation for its construction and depends completely on overhanging structures that are based on two side posts, it makes it extremely easier as well as faster to install them.

Easy to Operate

Since there is no part that comes in direct or indirect contact with the ground, there is hardly any chance of operation error due to ground obstruction. It excludes weather causes also because these cantilever gates do not require ground tracks.

Quieter Than the Traditional Floor Track Systems

The construction and design of these cantilever gates are such that there is hardly any noise during its usage. It is a lot more quitter that the traditional floor track systems also as there is absence of wheels on the ground.

Not Dependent on Lateral Space Requirements

As these gates are designed in such a way that they are supported from one end where it opens and closes, the need for track requirement is eliminated. It also eliminates the lateral space requirement that is needed by swing gates since it just slides along the fence line.

Best option for Grass, Gravel, Uneven Ground, over Block Paving or Water

These cantilever gates are not directly or indirectly contact with the ground and glides on two sets of support rollers attached to concrete foundation. This ensures a reliable and smooth silent operation.

Works on any Angle

One of the best qualities of cantilever gate is its design that makes it possible for it to work on any angle. They work like a charm on steep inclines so you do not have to bother about ground being even or not for its installation.

Unaffected by Weather Conditions

Because of the design and construction of this gate is unique and have no direct or indirect contact with the ground, be it snow, ice, or any debris on the driveway it won’t affect their movements in any way.

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