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March 1, 2018
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Finding the beauty in the not-so-perfect is the trend that everyone is watching out for in this year 2018.The buzz word “Wabi-Sabi” has been all over the internet these days!  We have been hearing this term a lot around lately. So let’s try to understand this concept so that we can implement it in our home decor.

Imperfect decor or famously called “Wabi-Sabi” has evolved out of Buddhist philosophy in Japan and is basically an art of appreciating beauty in this “Imperfect world”. To put it in more simpler terms, everything need not be good looking and perfect to be loved. It involves the thought of appreciating the natural landscape changes and forms. It values the simplicity and appreciates underplayed, uncluttered and easy surroundings. In home design, this translates into hand painted or handmade pieces of stuff including hand-painted pottery and embroidered linens. The presence of the cracks the pots and scratches on the crockery are considered lucky and depicts passing time and loving use. Wabi Sabi encourages the idea of minimal decor in a space and focuses more on the people living in the space.  The idea is to not have your home be showroom ready all the time. It’s okay to have messy surrounding as long as it’s clean and hygienic. There are a number of ways you can practice wabi-sabi at your own house and there isn’t even a lot of effort needed there. Incorporate naturally shaped and handmade decor pieces in your home. Bring out the creative artist in you and think of ways to give your home a more personal touch.  Have hand-painted crockery in your home and do not worry about how bad you would have painted because at the time every time you would use it, it would bring back the memory of doing it. Since a large part of wabi-sabi is about being connected to the earth, try including a maximum of natural materials in your home design. Keep in mind that authenticity is the key and then go ahead to find your pick. A design generally ends up with a finished look and gets the closure but here we are talking in a little different direction. Things do not have to be finished and perfect all the times. Doing all of this gives a deeply personal touch to the home which no other interior designer can give to your place.

Well, for all that being said, always keep in mind that this entire concept of Wabi Sabi gives you the idea of loving incomplete messy things but do not lose your design to day-to-day clutter in the name of Wabi Sabi. Your choices should be purposeful and ideas simple. The line between a beautiful mess and the garbage is needed to be drawn by you so that has to be kept in mind. Wabi Sabi is a beautiful concept and this component has made 2018 all about accepting personal authenticity and embracing perfections. Try out this trend in your home and experience a simpler and easy world around you.

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