Wood in your bathroom? – Why Not!

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March 25, 2016
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The esthetic appeal that wood can have on home interior cannot be matched by by any other material.Although it has always been one of the favorite choices for other home decoration, people did not use to install wooden furniture in their bathrooms. However, now that the technology of wood maintenance has improved, it is more practical and safer to decorate your bathroom with wood.

Wood for floor warmth

The first thing an enthusiastic home owner should do when it comes to bathroom flooring is to choose the proper wood. This choice depends on two things; the first one is your budget and the second one is your preference, wood type-wise. If you are on a tight budget, you do not have to break your rules to give your bathroom a fresh look.Consider reclaimed wood flooring, since this type of wood provides a great value for money. Also,bamboo is a great solution for floors in humid rooms, which bathrooms definitely are.In addition, do not forget to apply an optimal number of polyurethane layers to protect the wood from water and humidity.

Tubs and sinks with wood

Tub and sinks with wood

Going for wooden tubs and basins is a bit riskier move, but modern manufacturers are coming up with new technologies that preserve wood better than ever before. Again, the choice of wood and protection makes all the difference. Hardwood is the only sustainable option here. Plywood or recycled basins or tubs would absorb too much water and become useless after some time. What you should pay attention when making this choice is the manufacturer itself. Opt for wood items coated with special proper finishes, such as quartz and wax oil. A dark wooden basin combined with a tub and a wooden countertop can turn every bathroom into a wonderful place. Moreover, clean your wooden tubs and basins with ordinary soap and tepid water every day.

Remove mold and reduce humidity

Remove mold and reduce humidity

No matter how well protected the wood items in your bathroom might be, you can always reduce the level of humidity inside it. First of all, make sure that the ventilation system in the bathroom works properly. Secondly, always open the bathroom window and the door after activities that produce a lot of steam. If you notice any spots of mold on your wood bathroom furniture, react at once, but be extremely careful when it comes to cleaning solutions. Check manufacturer’s instructions for the maintenance of the wood items. The most practical natural cleaning agent that every house owner can make on their own is a mixture of baking soda, water and lemon. This combination should successfully remove mold and mildew, while leaving no harmful effects on the environment.

What can go wrong?

People often skip wood when it comes to bathroom decoration, mostly due to its incompatibility with water. While wood can be protected and sealed in dozens of ways, any kind of a flood in the bathroom might ruin the whole concept. This is why you should have your plumbing fixtures checked and repaired on time. Those fixes and checks are not expensive and they can save a lot of money. Moreover, make sure that the bathroom floor is perfectly flat. An uneven floor might cause water puddles. The can increase the level of humidity and lead to severe damage. To prevent these problems, wipe the floor whenever you see any splashes or puddles, as well as after every shower. Wood is a practical and visually attractive choice for every room in a home. What you have to take care of when it comes to wood in the bathroom is the type of wood, its protection and maintenance. If you stick to our tips, your wood items should be part of your bathroom décor for a long time.

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